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Improve Your Online Ranking & Reputation Affordably For More Local Customers

PostcardMania offers affordable SEO (“search engine optimization”) services to make your business easy for prospects to search for and find on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp — and virtually anywhere they search online. Example: when a prospect searches for “best plumber in [your city name]” or “best dentist in [your city name]” in Google, our SEO services enable your business to:

  • Rank higher in Google’s search results
  • Show up in Google Maps (critical for LOCAL businesses)
  • Entice prospects to click on your business vs. your competition
  • Ensure that website visitors find what they need quickly, so they contact you
  • Appear as a professional business across relevant rate-and-review websites online (e.g., Yelp, Angie’s List, BBB, YellowPages, etc.)

93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine.

Without SEO, you risk losing leads to your competitors simply because your business is not showing up at the top of Google, Google Maps, and other search engines.

Our SEO services encompass all of the following at a fraction of the price of large agency retainers:

Targeted Local Search Optimization

  • We will create or improve your business’s official Google profile (called Google Business Profile), turning it into a robust business listing that helps convince prospects you’re the best! We will also upload posts, photos, and help increase reviews to ensure your listing represents the utmost professionalism of your business and encourages as many conversions as possible.
  • Optimization around keywords relevant to your business so that your website and Google Business Profile profile are aligned with exactly what your prospects are searching for. We also manage your website in accordance with other major search engines, such as Bing.
  • We’ll take your website’s current content (text, images, blogs, web pages, and even coding) and configure it so that it jives with Google and Bing, enabling prospects to find you more easily however they search for businesses in your industry.
  • Want to know if SEO is working? We’ll provide monthly reports of key organic search metrics, including organic traffic to your website, keyword rankings, clicks through to your website, and more, so you know marketing money spent = leads into your business.
  • We don’t take shortcuts — we take pride in doing everything above board (and in-house!) and abiding by Google’s guidelines. We value transparency and honesty, so you’ll always know exactly what we’re doing every single month. Some agencies use tactics that are against Google’s guidelines and don’t actually let you know what work they’re doing. With PCM Digital, you can expect nothing less than flawless, five-star service.

5-Star Online Reputation Management

  • We’ll examine your business across relevant platforms online to ensure your message, ratings, reviews, imagery, and overall presence are consistent and lead-generation worthy.
  • We’ll create and even fix your business’s citations and profiles on top review websites (Google, Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc.) as well as relevant local niche review sites which prospects rely on when selecting a new business.
  • We’ll consistently check your business’s reputation online and work toward ensuring every website and platform it’s mentioned on has a stellar presence that’s full of positive reviews which turn into referral leads for your business.

Lead, Content, & Link Optimization

  • We will target the top keywords prospects use to find you in search engines, so website visitors can translate into leads you can contact and turn into new customers.
  • We conduct continual keyword research and on-page optimization to make sure all relevant keywords are included throughout your website. To target new keywords, we will add new pages as needed.
  • Where needed, we’ll assist you with content creation on your website (such as blogs, articles, etc.) so that visitors to your website can stick and stay until they fill out a contact form, or contact you via live chat, etc.
  • We’ll handle all the technical, back-end components of SEO. This includes fixing links, enhancing site speed, building out a proper website structure, and perfecting your website in the eyes of Google and other search engines. This ensures that, from a technical perspective, your website is search-engine friendly, making it as easy as possible for prospects searching for your business.
  • We’ll also create new website pages as needed to increase keyword rankings and capture search engine traffic at every stage of their buyer’s journey.

Consistent Audits & Online Exposure Strategy

  • We’ll audit your website on a regular basis to ensure every single aspect —  from the back-end code to the text users read on each page — aligns with current SEO best practices, future-proofing your site for Google algorithm updates.
  • You’ll receive a competitive SEO strategy for your business that will continually be tweaked to ensure qualified customers can find your business in search engines.
  • We will analyze website metrics to determine how Google is understanding previous SEO updates and how users are interacting with your website so we can tweak often and where necessary to ensure we’re receiving and converting the most leads for your business. User experience is of the utmost importance — we want to make sure users have the best experience possible on your website (and Google does, too!)

Dominate your competition with effective, affordable SEO.

Your prospects are using search engines every single day to find products and services they need. Typically, the nuts and bolts of SEO make this marketing tactic VERY pricey, but we have bundled the comprehensive services above to ensure you receive this vital online marketing at a fraction of an agency’s price. 


[1] https://www.searchenginejournal.com/seo-101/seo-statistics/

The SEO Team

Director of Search Engine Optimization

Director of Search Engine Optimization

Utilizing her extensive experience for SEO clients of all sizes and industries, Jacquelyn manages the SEO team, ensuring each client receives a personalized strategy that gets results. By staying on top of industry best practices and constantly
analyzing organic search trends and data, our SEO clients receive consistent, top-notch service.

SEO Specialist

SEO Specialist

Sydney is a content aficionado. Her journalism background gives her a solid foundation for writing incredible content for each of her clients. Seriously, she’s never faced a business niche she can’t create a bulletproof SEO strategy for! She also
has impeccable attention to detail—if there’s an SEO issue that needs to be fixed, she’ll find it!

SEO Specialist

SEO Specialist

A creative researcher with a marketing background, Coleton will go above and beyond for his clients. His passion to constantly learn new things and develop a strong understanding of each client’s business is contagious. He’s always thinking of
innovative SEO strategies and how to produce the best results for our clients.

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Frequently Asked



What is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization,” a digital marketing practice that’s comprised of several tactics involved with ensuring your website and online presence work alongside Google and Bing’s search algorithms, with the end result being:

  1. your business and website rank higher on Google (and Bing, etc.) and in Google Maps,
  2. your business moves closer to becoming or becomes THE go-to business in your industry, and
  3. your business receiving more leads from people searching online for businesses like you.

Can I do my own SEO?

Yes, you absolutely can — however, it’s worth noting that in order for SEO to work well for your business so you actually receive qualified leads which will turn into verified customers, you’ll be required to study and learn Google’s (and Bing’s, and Yahoo’s, etc.) best practices, a fair amount of coding, and consistently monitor keyword ranking and results. Thus, small businesses tend to hire out for this marketing tactic.

How long do I have to do SEO for?

Most marketing success comes from consistency of practice, and that goes the same for SEO. First-page rankings don’t happen overnight — it’s an in-depth process that requires an ongoing strategy to adjust existing content, build out new content, and consistently remain up to date with Google’s best practices and algorithm updates. In order for SEO to work for your business, we recommend at least 12 months. We’re not saying you need SEO forever, but implementation and testing will be required for at least 12 months to verify your website and online presence are aligned with SEO best practices and, ideally, producing qualified leads you can see results from.

Is SEO really necessary though? Can’t I just run ads online? 

Yes, you can just run ads online — and you should! We offer Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads with Everywhere Small Business. However, SEO is not the same as running ads and should be done alongside running ads, and here’s why: SEO addresses if your business shows up in Google (as just one search engine example), and in Google Maps when a prospect enters, say, “best realtor in [your city name]” into Google’s search engine. If your business is NOT showing up when those keywords are entered into Google, you definitely need SEO. Ninety-three percent [1] of online experiences begin with a search engine, which means your prospects are VERY likely using a search engine (Google being the most popular) to seek out a business. Plus, Google Maps has become a very popular search tool — especially on mobile devices — to search out local businesses. Thus, if your business depends on local customers, you need to ensure your business shows up when someone searches for a local dentist, plumber, handyman, contractor (or whatever else you are), inside Google Maps. Try searching for your business’s industry, as if you were a brand new prospect, on Google and in Google Maps. Don’t show up on the top of the search results? SEO services will help you.

Does PostcardMania’s SEO services just cover Google?

Nope! Our SEO services cover Google, Bing, Yahoo, and every major search engine customers today are using. We also manage your online reputation across all the major rate and review platforms such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, Angie’s List, and more that are pertinent to your business’s niche.

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